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Free Lawyer if in Chicago Police Custody

By Ari Mathew • April 16, 2013 • Filed in: Chicago Legal Aid

Written by Ari Mathew, an attorney not affiliated with The Law Offices of Marnie Slavin.

Not intended as legal advice.

First Defense Legal Aid– A Resource Every Chicagoan Should Know

(800) LAW-REP-4
(800) 529-7374

Free lawyer: Twenty four hours a day, every single days of the year. If you, a friend or a family member is arrested and taken into Chicago police custody First Defense will send an attorney to the police station, help you assert your rights and document any police misconduct.

Young or Old, Rich or Poor: First Defense only screens its calls as to whether you are in Chicago Police custody. Your age and income level are not factors as to whether First Defense provides you a free lawyer.

It Could Happen to Anyone: Here is a hypothetical. Your son is waiting for you to pick him up from the playground where he is playing basketball with his friends.  His friend asks your son to hold his backpack. The police come by and ask your son to see inside the backpack. Your son gives the bag to the police. In the bag they find a large amount of marijuana and arrest your son. You arrive at the playground only to find your son is arrested. You panic. What should you do?  The answer, every time, is to call (800) LAW-REP-4. [(800)529-7374].

Don’t Try to Talk Your Way Out: I cannot stress enough how important it is to have lawyer present instead of trying to handle the police on your own. The average person on the street does not understand his or her rights when it comes to interacting with the police. The police are trained to take advantage of this fact.  Often, a parent will try to resolve the situation without a lawyer; perhaps encouraging the child to own up to his actions. They assume if they play fair then the police will play fair; however, the police are legally allowed to lie to you.  Only a trained attorney will know how to deal with the police in this situation.

Let First Defense do the Legwork: First Defense also provides another valuable service. If your friend or family member is arrested often the police refuse to release whether your loved one has been charged or their next court date. As attorneys, it is easier for us to get this information to you. Again, someone will be available to help you whether it is right this instant or 3am on New Years.



I heard that public defense lawyers are not that good compared to private ones. Is this true?

Public Defenders, like all lawyers, can be good or bad. Many people prefer private lawyers because public defenders are very busy and less likely to return phone calls. This may cause unnecessary anxiety for someone facing criminal charges.

Sometimes it seems like police are more evil than the actual criminals.

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