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Affordable Criminal Lawyer in Chicago

I am an affordable criminal lawyer in Chicago ready to serve you in your time of legal need. Having an affordable criminal lawyer in Chicago is unusual. Private criminal lawyers tend to be expensive. I will guide you through the case and provide personal attention to reduce your stress as much as possible. This is my personal objective and guarantee.

Not only am I an affordable criminal lawyer, but I am passionate about representing my clients.  I believe in the golden rule and treating people the way I want to be treated.  It doesn’t matter what you are charged with, you will be treated the same by me.  You will talk directly with me; a secretary will not screen your calls.  I take appointments at night and on the weekend.  If getting to my office is too difficult, I will even meet you at a coffee shop close to where you work or live, to make your life easier.  And if your loved one is in jail and cannot be bonded out, I will even visit your loved one in the jail to discuss the case and plan a defensive approach.  If you let me, I will be your dedicated, affordable criminal lawyer.

Feel free to call me, Marnie Slavin, your affordable criminal lawyer in Chicago, to discuss your case.